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High Q では、これまで世界7か国以上で全レベルのべ4000人を超える参加者の皆様に講習を行ってきました。日本だけでも、2009年に初の講習を東京で開催して以来、150人以上の技術者がHigh Q を通してIRATAの認定を取得しました。



Internationally High Q have trained in excess of 4,000 candidates at all levels in over 7 countries around the world. In Japan alone, in excess of 150 technicians have gained IRATA status through High Q since the first course in Tokyo in 2009.

Despite the challenges of language, culture and the technical nature of the training, the feedback from everyone has been very overwhelmingly positive. We will begin to post comments from our participants in the very near future.